Every political or social organization has a number of values that constitute the reason for its existence and the end of its objectives. In this way, In this way, the principles and values of Connecting Cultures presented below must be present in all its performances. The main values of the organization are as detailed below:

Integral development of human capacities

We start from an approach to human capacities. The consideration of the importance of the talents that each person possesses, regardless of their social or economic position. Thus, these talents or abilities must be enhanced so that each individual can reach their full potential and realisation, making effective the dignity with which he counts by the mere fact of being a person. We consider that by emphasizing these extremes, we contribute to the configuration of a society and a more just and equal socio-political order.

Sustainable development

We firmly believe in the possibility of developing our activities based on the ideas of sustainability and environmental responsibility. Thus, our actions will be aimed at achieving a balance between economic, social and environmental development, always putting the person and its impact on the environment, in the foreground. We are characterized by the human rights, gender and environmental approach. This approach should be implemented in the projects we carry out independently as well as in collaborations with other organizations. In addition, it will serve us to be part of platforms or initiatives that serve mechanisms of action and pressure to achieve these objectives.


We are strongly committed to the acceptance and integration of various social, political and cultural realities and our actions will be aimed at building an environment in which all of them can have a place.

Social justice

We defend a theory of social justice based on the needs of every human being, emphasizing the aspect of social needs and recognition, in line with an action based on the integral development of human capacities. Human needs are objective and universal, and demand satisfaction for a dignified existence to be possible. Thus, we will give importance and value to certain groups that are in a subaltern social position.


We defend a way of carrying out projects and initiatives based on innovation, that is, including new ways of offering our activity to society. Thus, we will work on the constant implementation of new processes and on the development of attractive activities for the public.


We believe that for our actions to be of interest and have an impact, we must be transparent. This implies offering information about our internal organization, processes, activities, financing or planning, which must be easily accessible through our website and other means of communication. With transparent action, we will be able to attract the trust of new audiences that will help us achieve our objectives more effectively.
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