Linda de Sousa

Art Director

Linda is a Portuguese-Spanish multidisciplinary artist, lecturer, art critic, curator of exhibition, professor of plastic arts and director of catalogues.

Celia Munguia


Celia is an undergraduate student in Sociology, International Affairs and Expert in Development. She has been involved in different types of volunteering since she was 17 years old - including big NGOs, as well as youth institutions. She was the previous Project Manager of Connecting Cultures. Celia enjoys photography in her free time.

Carmen Martín


Carmen is an undergraduate student in Sociology and International Affairs (Universidad Complutense de Madrid). She has always found art interesting. She has experiece both writing for different online media and volunteering with the elderly.

David Altuna


David has always been a number enthusiast, he enjoys ordering them according to the situation - including in the economic-financial sphere. If at any time someone doubts the significance of art, David suggests to take a look, just for one second, to La Pietá.

Ana Lafuente

Internal Management

Ana is an undergraduate student in Sociology and International Affairs (Universidad Complutense de Madrid). She has taken part in different volunteering activities with children. Besides working with Connecting Cultures, she is passionate about music. She speaks Spanish, English and she is currently learning Korean.

Daniel Barahona

Director of Little Ambassadors

Daniel is a graduate in Management and Public Administration (Universidad Complutense de Madrid). He has been involved in activities for people with functional diversity since he was young. He has also worked for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs promoting shows, events and art works in the US.

Víctor Ruiz

Director of Environment/Sustainability

Victor is a graduate in Environmental Science and expert in renewables energies. He firmly believes in the creative ways of art to give life and use to things that seemed to be fated to be destroyed. He advocates for facing global anthropization through/with respect, protectionism and by making this NGO an example.

María Algora

Project Manager

Maria is an undergraduate student in International Affairs. She has participated in different volunteering programmes in Geneva, where she was able to get involved in causes that she is passionate about: environment, sustainable growth and Human Rights. She loves photography and she also enjoys reading.

Tonatiuh Owen

Director of Communication and Technology

Tony started his career as illustrator and that is where his love for art comes from. He is passionate about creativity directed towards the emerging technologies innovation. He has been manager of the creative agency and studio Tropografik and creative adviser for e-Informa. Tony has also the Salesforce certificate in Marketing Automation and he is a Growth Hacker.

Alejandro Villaluenga

Director of Public Policy and Legislation

Alejandro has a graduate degree in law (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) and he is currently taking the Master's degree in Intervention of the Public Administration in society and the degree in Politics (UNED). He is the spokesperson of the delegation of Equipo Europa in Madrid and the vice-president of AEGEE - Madrid. He speaks English and Italian.

Pedro Sánchez

Director of Human Resources

Pedro is a graduate in Journalism and Audiovisual Media (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid). He has two professional facets with more than seven years of experience working in different spheres: culture, education, science, society and cooperation, among others. As a very proactive person, Pedro decided to start studying Psychology (UNED) in 2015, which he will finish in 2021 in its occupational field.

Work with Connecting Cultures


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We seek to take our exhibition and events further and further, so that we can help different NGOs around the world. We have already achieved a lot, but we still want to go further.


Be our little patron by acquiring works from our artists. 45% of your contribution will go to collaborating NGOs, 45% to the artist and the remaining 10% will help us continue with our activities. We also have reproductions for € 25.

BECOME A PARTNER help us to carry out our work and continue helping those who need it most. Because without you, nothing is possible.


In our social work we have also collaborated with various fashion brands, providing them with our designs. What we collect is destined for both the artist and a local NGO in the country they represent.


If you are an NGO and want us to bring CC to your country, contact us, we will be happy to co-create a triple impact project.


If you are an artist and your country is not represented, contact us! We will be delighted to have you in our project.

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