Zumba solidary

Event in collaboration with the local NGO Dakari to raise funds and raise awareness about the situation of girls and boys with disabilities at UCM sports facilities.


Solidarity event for the integration of people with disabilities. Artistic workshops and displays of works from the Connecting Cultures exhibition.

United Nations Headquarters

Our art exhibition participated in the opening of "The Spanish Week" at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva, attended by Michael Moller and Michelle Bachelet.


COMPIMUN is a meeting place for students from all over the world with a passion for international relations, world conflicts and critical thinking where we present our project.

Atlantic Art Gallery

Our fourth exhibition venue in the "Art Atlantic Gallery" in La Coruña in collaboration with the Club de Leones de La Coruña Dean accompanied by a solidarity cocktail.

University of Ciudad Real

Collaboration with the CEPAIM Foundation for the inclusion of migrants / refugees in the Cultural Center of the University of Ciudad Real. A bookbinding and poetry reading workshop was organized, in sixteen different languages, on the theme “Connecting Cultures”.

IE Cocktail

Our second exhibition venue: IE Business School in Madrid with more than 200 participants. In collaboration with IE Student Government, artists from different countries and the Spanish Confederation of Aid to Refugees.

Casa de la Moneda

The exhibition was held for the third time at the "Real Casa de la Moneda" in Segovia. We held a press conference to raise awareness about the project and the situation of the refugees. The opening cocktail was made in collaboration with local SMEs.



 The initiative was born within the framework of the International Model of the United Nations of Southern Europe (SEIMUN) in May 2017 in Granada. The exhibition is named after the motto of that edition: CONNECTING CULTURES. We started with 8 artists under the idea of ​​“we do more than debate” with the aim of creating impact by raising funds for refugees.

Instituto Galego do talento

Our president and artist Carlota Corzo was invited as representative speaker of the theme "Young Galicians changing the world", a space dedicated to the most influential young Galician women in the world at the Afouteza Forum held in Madrid.

Hult Prize

Carlota Corzo Álvarez was judge and speaker at the Hult Prize 2019 hosted in Madrid. As speaker, she was able to speak to a group of youth students from different universities about entrepreneurship, social projects and the global goals.

Collaborate with Connecting Cultures


If you want to work with us (and there are many ways how to do it!), register and we will connect with you as soon as possible


We seek to take our exhibition and events further and further, so that we can help different NGOs around the world. We have already achieved a lot, but we still want to go further.


Be our little patron by acquiring works from our artists. 45% of your contribution will go to collaborating NGOs, 45% to the artist and the remaining 10% will help us continue with our activities. We also have reproductions for € 25.

BECOME A PARTNER help us to carry out our work and continue helping those who need it most. Because without you, nothing is possible.


In our social work we have also collaborated with various fashion brands, providing them with our designs. What we collect is destined for both the artist and a local NGO in the country they represent.


If you are an NGO and want us to bring CC to your country, contact us, we will be happy to co-create a triple impact project.


If you are an artist and your country is not represented, contact us! We will be delighted to have you in our project.

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