Exhibición con impacto social personas con diversidad funcional

Artistic exhibition with social impact

You can support arts with social impact by joining us in the next artistic exhibition that will take place at the Citizen Corner in Brussels, in which our youth artists with functional diversity and other proffesional worldwide artists will exhibit their works for two weeks.

How can you contribute?

    1. Helping us to set up the exhibition between October 20th and 25th.
    2. Participating and presenting the exhibition during the two weeks that it lasts (10/26 to 11/7).
    3. Making a donation to cover the exhibition expenses.

    Face-to-face collaboration can be one-off, or during the period that the exhibition lasts. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information (info@connectingcultures.es)

    Thank you very much for your solidarity!

€115 of €474 raised
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