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25 artists. 25 nationalities. A traveling art exhibition that creates an opportunity to discuss what really matters: the social inequalities that children and youth face, and how art can become a means to combat them. niños, y cómo el arte puede ser un medio para combatirlas. 

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Triple impact events

Our intention is that the events we carry out generate three impacts: awareness, social impact and economic impact. To achieve this, we unite forces with other NGOs and together we organize various events: from round tables to expert presentations on issues of global importance.

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Corporative volunteering

We connect companies and NGOs through artistic workshops. Art serves as a bridge between volunteers and people at risk of exclusion, in a mutual exchange that represents a great learning opportunity for both of them.

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Corporate Social Responsibility and Fashion

We collaborate with fashion companies that want to use the motifs of our paintings. These motifs are transferred to the brand to create their products and a a percentage of the profit is donated to our artists and to children in vulnerable situations.

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Little Ambassadors

Our collection includes paintings made by girls and boys with functional diversity. These works travel with the CC team completely free of charge to represent the groups that suffer from different disabilities. After the sale of their works, the benefit not only goes to them, but they donate a percentage to the investigation of the disability they represent.



Desde nuestros inicios en 2018 no hemos dejado de movernos. Descubre las últimas actividades que hemos llevado a cabo para hacer del mundo lugar mejor.

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