What is Connecting Cultures?

NGO aiming to create social impact through art, innovation and development.

We have an itinerant art exhibition with one artist from each country.

In each country where we are exhibiting, we contact a local NGO with whom we co-create a project (debates, workshops, solidarity cocktails, etc.) and the funds raised from that event are donated to this NGO in the country with which we have co-created the project -under the idea “Think Global Act Local”;we consider that they are the ones who will best know how to help their country with those funds.

The selected NGOs are related to children in situations of vulnerability such as conflict zones and intellectual disabilities.



Improve the situation of children around the world. Bringing this exhibition and our activities with different NGOs and with more and more artists and countries represented.


Our Values

Think Global Act Local

Goal 17: Partnerships for the goals

Our differences are our biggest asset to achieve the Sustainable Development

Having the courage to take the responsibility

Transforming our World by 2030 and beyond

"In each place where we bring our exhibition, we adapt and co-create with local NGOs workshops, debate events, etc., trying to generate the maximum possible impact depending on where we are, and the funds raised in the place are donated to the NGO which we have worked on, usually related to helping children who are in vulnerable situations such conflict zones or intellectual disabilities."

All this under the idea "Think Global Act Local" (Think Global, Acts Local) because we consider that these local NGOs are the ones that know best the situation of their country and how to make a better use of the collected funds. "