We know that we will do well for our journey, we just started the international

route (but we have not stopped before):






Under the slogan of the "Connecting Cultures" event, the exhibition that framed the debate event was organized, raising funds for the CEAR organization.

The South European International Model of United Nations (SEIMUN) is a United Nations  simulation. It is an international encounter of students from countries all over the world, who decide to spend a few days representing a given State at a council assuming the roles of Diplomats, Ambassadors and the Heads of States and discussing about important issues in  International Relations.


As a Model United Nations, SEIMUN has particular characteristics: it is a regional integrating  project that is managed by youth; it is a meeting point between youngsters, institutions and private entities. It promotes a civil transformation of our society contributing tolerance,  participation, and critical thinking.


"In each place where we bring our exhibition, we adapt and co-create with local NGOs workshops, debate events, etc., trying to generate the maximum possible impact depending on where we are, and the funds raised in the place are donated to the NGO which we have worked on, usually related to helping children who are in vulnerable situations such conflict zones or intellectual disabilities."

All this under the idea "Think Global Act Local" (Think Global, Acts Local) because we consider that these local NGOs are the ones that know best the situation of their country and how to make a better use of the collected funds. "