We seek to be the representatives of Goal 17 of the United Nations "Collaboration for the

objectives" and apply it to our entire philosophy; showing how our differences that are so often put as a problem or an excuse are the opposite; a tool to achieve all our goals and bring great value to the world:

- 1 artist per country

- Balanced at the gender level

- Intergenerational: from 18 to 75 years old

- Intersectorial: Different sectors help this project (startups, companies, universities, other NGOs ...)

With all this, we got a tremendous collective intelligence.



Our relation with the SDGs  -


We were not always an independent organization. CONECTANDO CULTURAS was born as a project within UNSA SPAIN (United Nations Student Association Spain) although due to the success achieved we decided to transform it into an independent organization - although we will always be united-.

On the other hand, we have been chosen to be part of the ARTSTWENTYTHIRY project of the United Nations for our work in raising awareness and applying the Sustainable Development Goals.

"In each place where we bring our exhibition, we adapt and co-create with local NGOs workshops, debate events, etc., trying to generate the maximum possible impact depending on where we are, and the funds raised in the place are donated to the NGO which we have worked on, usually related to helping children who are in vulnerable situations such conflict zones or intellectual disabilities."


All this under the idea "Think Global Act Local" (Think Global, Acts Local) because we consider that these local NGOs are the ones that know best the situation of their country and how to make a better use of the collected funds. "