Kay Woo ( South Korea, 1960)


Tuna is one of the most loved fish all over the world. The Japanese are famous for their craze for it and Spain provides most of the red tunas they consume. The global hunger for this exquisite fish brought them to the danger of extinction at one point. Recently I had an opportunity to participate in the making of adocumentary about the thousands-year-old tuna fishing technique called Almadraba used in the south of Spain, and then I dreamed that all the tunas were flying away from the ocean contaminated by human greed and waste. The two rock islands in my painting represent the easternmost territory of Korea, called DokDo, and are an example of another kind of human greed as they have always been a source of dispute between Japan and Korea, and on top of that, nowadays North Korea often tests their missiles in this water. No wonder tunas are flying away from this conflictive ocean.


Multidisciplinary artist whose main activity is sculpture.


Fine Arts degree from the prestigious Seoul National University, South Korea.  Has worked as graphic designer for Art Design Group and as automotive sculptor for General Motors in Detroit, USA, for more than 15 years.  Resides in Madrid since 2001 and starts her career as an independent artist in 2008.


Kay stands out among her exhibitions:


Solo exhibition of sculptures in the Flamenco Museum, Seville, Spain (2017).


Group exhibition of sculptures, “Escena”, gallery Capa, Madrid (2017).


Solo exhibition of sculptures, “Alma y Compás” in the Museum for visually impaired people, Madrid (2016).


Group exhibition, Haciendo Barrio, Conde Duque Cultural Center, Madrid (2016, 2015).


Group exhibition of sculptures, “Play zone” “New Season”, gallery Capa, Madrid (2015, 2014).


Group exhibition of sculptures, “Face 2015” and “Face 2012”, selected by Society of Portrait Sculptors of England, Cork Street Gallery, London.


Contemporary art fair, Off Art Brussels, Brussels (2014).

Two women show in the Korean Cultural Center, “Dos Culturas y Dos Escultoras (2014)”


Group exhibition of Hanwool (Korean female artists’ association), Hanguk gallery, Seoul (2011, 2012).


Other than these events, she has participated in many other exhibitions of sculptures, paintings and drawings, participated in documentary making with major Korean TV channels like KBS, MBC and EBS as local coordinator in Spain, and published various books including two poetry books with her poems in Spanish.


You can buy the art pieces or a reproduction in a 30 cm by 30 cm presentation. To buy the art pieces please contact us by mail to carlota@connectingcultures.es.


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