Helena Aikin (Britain, 1958)


Seed of Life


The seed of life, found in various ancient civilizations, is said to contain the pattern of creation. Formed by seven superimposed circles, I take it to represent the unstoppable life force which creates, connects, destroys and recreates all cultures. I have incorporated seven symbols that represent transcultural philosophical concepts as well as specific civilizations: OM –the primordial sound of the universe-, the fish -a prehistoric symbol for the goddess of fertility, and

later for Christianity-, the universal solar disk, the Rosetta stone as metaphor for intercultural communication, the crescent moon with the star, found in ancient. Mesopotamia and Celtic Britain and now a symbol for Islam, the Aleph -the primal letter , the yin-yang, representing the duality that characterizes human thought….


Painter, sculptor, land art artist. As art educator she specializes in empowering workshops for people with visual impairments, learning disabilities and cerebral palsy. Her work as visual artist involves extensive research on ancient civilizations, which she then recreates in the form of sculptures, paintings and installations. She is fascinated by human archetypal symbols such as sacred diagrams and age- old labyrinths which are simultaneously found in all five continents because of their power to remind us of the humanness shared by all men and women of our planet.


Her most outstanding exhibitions:

1. Palais des Nations, United Nations, Geneva. Exhibition

“Labyrinths of the World” (work in progress) October 2006.

2. Gallery at La Corrala, Museo de Artes y tradiciones

Populares, Madrid. Exhibition The labyrinth as archetypal

image of the human journey. January 2016.

3. Gallery Sala La Cárcel (17th century jail), Barco de Ávila,

Spain. Del Natural. Acrylics and watercolours. August 2015.

4. Sala COL ALLAS, Concejalía de Cultura, Gandía, Valencia.

Labyrinths (work in progress) June-July 2014.

5. Centre for the Arts and Nature Cerro Gallinero, Ávila.

Laberinto de Mogor-Hoyocasero. Permanent installation

(14.5X15 m.) July 2012.

6. Sala ExPresa 2, La Cárcel Segovia. I Symposium of

Women who Transform the World, Concejalía de Cultura,

Segovia Sacred labyrinths. March 2011.

7. Centro de Arte Moderno, sala Cueva, Madrid. Ringforts, a

multimedia installation inspired on fairy lore. January 2005.


8. Galería Factoría Perro Verde, Madrid. Dreamed Archaeologies: a

recreation of the mythical Bastulian Civilization, November 2000.

She has done artist residencies and research stays in the US,

Mexico, Europe and India and has artwork in prestigious public and

private collections such as the Spanish Ministerio de Cultura,

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (Genalguacil, Spain), Fundación

Delfina Entrecanales (London), and Irene Matthews ArtHouse

(Flagstaff, Arizona).




You can buy the art pieces or a reproduction in a 30 cm by 30 cm presentation. To buy the art pieces please contact us by mail to carlota@connectingcultures.es. To buy a reproduction you can go here.


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