Ethel Bergman Andersson (Sweden 1949)


The sight of the northern lights (also known as aurora borealis) is truly one of the most impressive spectacle our planet has to offer, although we soon forget that so much beauty wouldn’t be posible without those amazing gas emissions in the form of toungues of fire that occur in our sun’s photosphere giving off an energy equivalent to millions of hidrogen bombs that, while travelling in the form of electromagnetic radiation at the speed of light, will end up bombarding our planet generating astonishing natural phenomenons; radiations which are also dreaded since their fickle fluctuations can have a hand in the fundamental vital structures for the development of life on earth. In this “Solar Storm”, Ethel expresses the strenght of this cosmic chaos thus setting a balanced counterpoint to an intense but placid saga of aurorae borealis.


Ethel Bergman’s work, although formally referred to as “abstraction”, has a deeper meaning that has to do with the her concern for the environment, inspired by the landscape of her native Sweden and her knowledge of the World by a bird’s eye view for having traveled on innumerable occasions in an airplane, is related to social complaint and her vision of an almost dreamlike universe or magical landscapes of great beauty in which water, snow and often atmospheric phenomena take a big role to express emotions or experiences.


In recent years she has exhibited in countless competitions, exhibitions and fairs in Spain and outside in places like Gällivare, Stockholm, Malmberget, Luleà, Överkalix and Kiruna in Sweden. Brussels, New York, Miami, Singapore, Rome , Nice,

Genoa, Austria and Germany. Her work belongs to different collections such as the Gallivare Museum in Sweden, the Celestina Museum in Puebla de Montalbán, Cultural Center Gloria fuertes ,Teresa de Calcuta in Madrid and recently added to the Castle Collection of Gmünd-Austria, among others. Currently a member of the AEPE (Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors), the group PRO ART and CULTURE and the MAV (Women in Visual Art – I exhibit in the Reina).


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