Diego Canogar McKenzie ( USA, 1966)


There is no difference between people, not now, nor thousands of years ago. History proves we can do great harm, but greater good if people of different cultures work together. Human intelligence has always been there, giving us peace options we have not always been able to use. We should let the greedy fight their own battles and not let them involve us all.


Hispanic-Northamerican sculptor –located in Madrid, Spain. Works mainly with steel, using industrial metallic rods and

profiles in the fabrication of his pieces. Though he also spends part of his time creating art work using technologies associated to 3D printing. Graduate in Fine Arts in the Complutense University of Madrid. During 5 years he presided Mínimo Tamaño Grande, a sculptor association with which he still collaborates very closely. He’s also a current member of the ADOS contemporary art promoting association. Galería Bat, Alberto Cornejo is his chief reference gallery in Madrid, though he also collaborates with Galería Ponce-Robles and Galería Lucía Mendoza. He has participated recently in several art charity auctions and exhibitions such as the Smylife Collection Beauty Art exhibition and Pablo Horstmann Fundación Art Exhibition.


There is work of his in very important private and public art collections, standing out the Bankia, Unión Fenosa and the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome collections. He has been honored with various art acquisition awards, been the Valdepeñas International Plastic Arts Award the most recent. Further back he received the Leonardo Martínez Bueno for joung scultptores award and the honorific Mateo Inuria sculptur award. There are monumental pieces of his installed in the province of Madrid, standing out Síntesis in the Oficial College of Architects of Madrid and Gran Tetramorfo in Navacerrada Municipality, Madrid. Diego Canogar McKenzie


CImportant solo shows such as:

“Cosmología”, Est_Art, Alcobendas, Madrid.

“El Vacio sugerente”, Tiflológico Museum, Madrid.

“Curvas”, Galería Bat, Alberto Cornejo, Madrid.

“Forma y luz emergente”, One Project, Art Madrid Fair, Madrid.

“Afloramientos”, Galería Rayuela, Madrid.

“Hierro, trazos y líneas”, Sala el Brocense, Cáceres, Spain.


You can buy the art pieces. To buy the art pieces please contact us by mail to carlota@connectingcultures.es.


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