CCultural Manager, international projects between Taiwan and Spain.


Current member of ADOS and MTG. Czili stands out among her exhibitions:


1. “Existence, loneliness and love”, “Memory & Creation”,

Carrie Chang Fine Arts Center, Taiwan.


2. “Cambiodeismo”, Galileo Galilei Center Culture, Spain.


3. “Terre d ́eau et Lumière”, Anagma Art Gallery, France &



4. “Connecting Cultures”, opening of Seimun, Granada

University, Spain.


5. “I Centenary of Birth CJC”, Círculo de Bellas Artes, Spain.


6. “A Thousand Faces of Dulcinea 21 Century”, Clock House, Spain.


7. “Constitutión & Freedom”, Adolfo Súarez Museum & Los

Guzmanes Towers, Spain.


8. “Palac10”, “Re-Creo 3” & “ArteSon II”, Arteson group,



9. SUMMA Art Fair 2015. ArtMadrid 2013. Open Studio Madrid 2013. Spain


10.“I International Arts Exhibition”, Yukan Museum, Taiwan.


11.“Post fata resurgo” & “Azara Space”, Edurne Art Gallery, Spain.


12.Proyecto-Andante, of the architect Ramón Álvarez. “Space & Abstraction”, Project PIE. Spain.


13.“las Fábulas”, “la Música” & “la Dualidad”, “Forgotten

places”- art urban Project, ADOS, Spain.


14.Euroforum & “Esculptures in Capital”, MTG, Spain.

15.“Urban Beats”, O+O Art Gallery, Spain.


16.“Landing”, Lasede – Official Architect College of Madrid, Spain.


17.“A trip, origin & destination by train”&“Imaginary railways”, Foundation of the spanish railways.



Among her artistic prizes and selected artistic works, stand out:


1. “Mention of Honor” in 18 Sculpture Contest of Caja Madrid.


2. Selected in Villa de Parla Sculpture Prize, Sculpture Prize of Puertollano, Sculpture Prize of Mariano Benlliure, Sculpture Prize of Jacinto Higueras, 75 Plastic Art of Valdepeñas.



Amond the projects to be carried out in 2018:


1. DeniArt 2018, large format outdoor sculptures.


2. Palace La Mosquera, large format sculpture installation


You can buy the art pieces or a reproduction in a 30 cm by 30 cm presentation. To buy the art pieces please contact us by mail to To buy a reproduction you can go here.


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