Bettina Geisselmann (1966)


“A place to be”


I am interested in our relationship with the natural environment. I like to recover the idea of an environment that protects and embraces us. In the developed world, the relationship is different. It is based on the Renaissance concept, according to which, we are no longer an integrating part, but we have the free will and superiority to use it and transform it for our own benefit. This relationship is measured in absolutely economic terms and always in the short term, without having in account other values. Our consumer society intervenes in nature in terms of capitalism, industrialization, hyperurbanization and globalization.


Her artistic practice is situated in a material postconceptualism, reflecting subjective perceptions for the ways of representing the world, the boundaries between the two- and the three-dimensional and the relations with our environment, with a growing interest in socio-economic balance.


Her work began with painting and extends to photography and installation. Interested in moving between disciplines, and the game of representation the object. In her projects she uses materials such as ice, plants and newspapers. In recent years, glass has become very important media. Studied Economics in Augsburg (Germany), with specialization in Environmental Economics, and Graduate Certificate in Engraving and Photography in Art Institute of Havanna (Cuba). It stands out her participation in the Havana Biennial,

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