Camélia Ryane

Camélia Ryane

Camélia Ryane (Morocco, 1997)

Space, time and existence

As humans, what brings us together is our common past and our common future. History has shown humanity’s greatest ability to cultivate powerful human connexion through love and compassion, but also its darkest side tearing people apart through coldness, wars and conflicts. This artwork shows the energy that helps us connect with one another with as much authenticity and compassion as possible regardless of the space, time or existence.

Multidisciplinary artist specialized in painting. Born in Casablanca, Morocco she now lives and works in Madrid, Spain. Artistic soul with passion for consistent and sustainable creativity. Camélia immerses herself into different areas of art and consistently seeks to make an impression with her artwork.

Camélia stands out among her exhibitions:

  • Painting and Drawing exhibition “Transcending” in Madrid, Spain
  • Winner of the graffiti contest of Instituto de Empresa in Madrid, Spain
  • Photography Exhibition “Regards croisés” in Casablanca, Morocco
  • Group Exhibition “Sans frontières” in Rabat, Morocco
  • Group Exhibition “Âme” in Casablanca, Morocco

You can buy the art pieces or a reproduction in a 30 cm by 30 cm presentation. To buy the art pieces please contact us by mail to To buy a reproduction you can go here.