Anna Cherkasheva

Anna Cherkasheva

Anna Cherkasheva (Russia, 1978)

Human Catchers

It is your right is to either use help from outside or try to keep your head above water on your own. But if you agreed to take the help it does not necessarily mean that from this point everything changes. Both in Heaven or on Earth, turnovers are the same. Today seems to be a good day for catching humans.

Graphic Artist Member of Designer Union of Russia. My time is occupied with object design, development of art
objects for modern interiors and expositions of modern designer jewelry. All these actions are a simple transformation of graphics
into volume for me. I feel responsible for the clarity of graphic art since birth.

You can buy the art pieces or a reproduction in a 30 cm by 30 cm presentation. To buy the art pieces please contact us by mail to To buy a reproduction you can go here.