Adriana Zapisek

Adriana Zapisek

Adriana Zapisek (Argentina 1950)

Although utopias are questioned, several artists continue on our path to search for the positive that is the engine of our lives. In my work I try to generate ideas and experiences to break down prejudices and have a better coexistence among all the inhabitants of the world with the freedom of creation.

I feel and believe that art is the bridge that unites the different cultures and idiosyncrasies to leave aside the differences that separate us and try to have a change in society, to improve it and make it more just.

Painter, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, lives and works in this city as much as in Madrid, Spain. At her early beginings in 1980, her artistic investigations were based on its realization with aerograph and geometric forms to later develop more freely and with mixed techniques the paintings of his last series. Following in the investigation of the form, now Zapisek has found with the photography and the present technologies a new way of expression, without betraying its style with its characteristic style. She has given lectures on Argentine Art, and on her paintings, in different European and American cities. She held more than 30 solo exhibitions and more than 150 group exhibitions around the world. Currently she develops her activities between Madrid and Buenos Aires.

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